A solo trapeze act combing beat poetry and physical movement. First performed in the 2017 National Institute of Circus Arts Showcase, Circosis. 

This is a deeply personal piece in which I explore stereotypes surrounding gender roles. Whilst the work of great feminists throughout history has broken down many traditional gender roles, the effects of sexism are still far reaching today. To quote Hillary Clinton, “I believe the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st Century.”

To claim space as a female outside the bounds of society’s preconceived ideas of what makes a ‘woman’ is difficult. To move past people’s words, judgments, and questions and become comfortable with yourself takes strength. I want to demonstrate what is possible when you leave self-doubt and expectations behind. As David Chapman states. “They aren’t building their bodies for us, anyway. The question is not whether they are sexually appealing for others but whether they excel at what they do for themselves. In the end, it is an issue of self-fulfilment”

Poem composed by Candy Royalle

Filmed by Carnival Cinema


Aaron Walker Photography

Patter Productions

Kieran McNamara Photography

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